Quantum Sky makes it easy for anyone to accept PayPal for selling downloadable files. You add your products on our website, and we will make it simple for you to get PayPal payments directly to your own PayPal account.

We take care of sending the file to your customers immediately after they purchase, so you don't need to worry about a thing.

Anything! You can sell any downloadable item that you have legal permission to put up for sale that does not violate any laws.

All types of digital file formats can be offered for sale. This includes software, ebooks, documents, audio and video files, and whatever else you can think of.

Our service is compatible with all types of PayPal accounts, including Personal Accounts and Business Accounts.

Once you create a product, we provide you with special order links which go directly to PayPal. Customers use these links to purchase your product. You can put these links anywhere you like. Once a successful payment is made by a customer, they will automatically be able to download the files.

Alternatively, each product you create automatically has a product page which you can sell from directly. How much you want to use your product page is up to you, but it might be useful if you don't have your own website.

We do not take any money from your orders. The only fees are the normal PayPal fees. You can have a million orders and we won't get a cent of it.

We have account plans which are miles better than the competition.

We also have completely free accounts that never expire.

You will receive Paypal funds immediately whenever an order is made. When it comes to the money, there is no middleman between the customer and you. Your money is yours immediately, like it should be.

Make sure to add your PayPal address in account settings.


Quantum Sky is a platform for selling downloadable content.

We make it super easy to sell file downloads with PayPal.

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Accept PayPal for any downloadable file.
Sell any type of file and get paid instantly.
We take zero commission!

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